Looking to upgrade your warehouse?  We’re excited to offer new lower pricing on all Hallowell cabinets! 

The DURATOUGH all-welded classic series of Hallowell cabinets are made from prime-grade, cold-rolled sheet steel. To assist with your unique pallet racking needs, Industrial Shelving sells multiple models, including the Heavy-Duty, Extra Heavy-Duty, and Super Duty 12.

See below for details on each unit of Hallowell cabinets:

Heavy-Duty: Made with 16-gauge sheet steel. Fully welded, resulting in a rigid, durable shelving system

Extra Heavy-Duty: Made with 14-gauge sheet steel. 25 percent thicker than the heavy-duty model, resulting in maximum durability

Super Duty 12: Strong build. Sports-car looks. Included rugged standard features of the classic series with the added strength and security of 12 gauge sides and doors.

All sizes of steel shelving units use the following tools to keep racks secure:

 3/16" gauge, steel 3-point turn handle with 3/8" diameter lock rods

Heavy-duty 13 gauge, 7-knuckle, 3-1/2" hinges welded to the door and securely riveted to the frames. 

Choose cabinets ranging from 4” to 78” high and 21” to 24” deep.

Larger orders may qualify for additional discounts. Contact us for your specific requirement.


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