Turnout Gear Firefighter Lockers

 Hallowell Turnout Gear Lockers are designed to keep heavy-duty fire gear secured and organized. Industrial Shelving offers four models to meet your fire department's specific needs:

Base Model (With or Without a Base)

Base With an Upper Security Box (With or Without a Base) 

Fire station lockers with a base are designed to be installed on a floor, giving your team easy access to storage racks. 

Looking to maximize your fire station's floor space? Select a model without a base. Each unit contains ventilated bottom shelved designed to be installed mounted on walls using the available wall mounting angle.

To speak with our storage solutions experts or request a quote, call 1-800-875-6201.


Models with base are
designed to be installed
on the floor.




Models without base have
ventilated bottom and are
designed to be wall mounted
using available wall
mounting angle



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