About Industrial Shelving Systems

At Industrial Shelving Systems, we are a standalone, family-run entity now in our third generation, offering nationwide services since 1961. Based in St. Louis, Missouri, our ethos involves a steadfast commitment to every client, pushing the boundaries of service -- a reflection of our Midwestern ethos.


Our professionals blend expertise with a touch of personal flair. Boasting over six decades in material handling, our extensive network spans numerous customers and partnerships.


Our team benefits from connections to a vast array of suppliers, ensuring they remain at the forefront of material handling innovations. This guarantees you access to the most advanced and diverse solutions available.

Customers First

Our autonomy means our only commitment is to our customers, ensuring you receive optimal solutions tailored to your needs. We pride ourselves on crafting solutions that perfectly match each client's requirements. Echoing our president's philosophy, "Focus on assisting, and sales will naturally occur." With a history of addressing the material handling needs of thousands, we're confident in our ability to resolve your challenges. What's the pressing issue in your warehouse keeping you awake?

Return on Investment

While enjoying collaborative relationships is important, our ultimate goal is mutual business growth. We prioritize outcomes that benefit not just your operations and workforce but also your financial performance.

Our Team

The collective expertise within Industrial Shelving Systems spans over 140 years in material handling, offering deep insights into the industry.

  • Mike Compton - Operations Manager, 30 Years
  • Tom Compton - Vice President, 9 Years
  • Dan Compton - President, 35 Years
  • Joe Goldkamp - Sales Manager, 32 Years
  • Steve Kersting - Warehouse Manager, 35 Years
  • John Fontaine - Automation Sales Lead, 13 Years