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About Industrial Shelving Systems

In operation since 1961, Industrial Shelving Systems provides material handling and storage equipment solutions to manufacturing plants, warehouse and distribution facilities, automotive, truck, and heavy equipment dealers, record storage centers and retail operations. Because many choices exist in the marketplace, we are continually refining our organization to provide the level of service our clients have come to expect. From our headquarters in St Louis, Missouri, we frequently ship and install throughout North America. We are committed to placing our customers first!

We offer the following array of strategic services to assist you on your next project:

Project Management Capabilities:
-Consult with owner representatives, architect and construction company            
-Utilize AutoCad and Configura software to design multiple layout options            
-Present a proposal which includes all areas relevant to our scope of work            
-Secure any necessary permits and acquire all specified materials            
-Create timeline to coordinate installation with construction completion dates            
-Schedule installation crews, transportation and erection equipment            
-Interface material handling installation with building systems and erection            
-Perform final inspection with owner representatives to insure complete satisfaction

Technical and Operational Assets:
-A combined staff total of 262 years of industry experience allows us to stress a true consultative approach to identifying problems and offering proven solutions            
-Forty-four years of acquired business acumen provides access to over 845 vendors, allowing us to propose the best products for your application
-Tailored stocking programs formulated for just-in-time and blanket purchases

Product and Assembly Resources:  
-To avoid delays and facilitate prompt deliveries, we stock many of our fastest moving items 
-Industrial Shelving Systems employs full time, in-house assembly and installation crews, and utilizes experienced, nationwide installation companies
-We can also pre-assemble many items prior to delivery which minimizes assembly costs and lessens the disruption to your daily activities            
-Maintaining our own warehouse allows for staging of complete jobs, until your facility is prepared for delivery and installation
-Standard products are creatively combined to produce custom designs to meet your specific needs

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