Husky racking is durable, scalable, and easy to install - perfect for warehouses looking for a rugged shelving solution.

When your warehouse needs shelving that’s built tough yet easy to scale, Husky pallet racks are a solid choice. These heavy-duty units are made from 100% high-grade U.S. steel and designed to hold up under your heaviest loads.

Consider Husky if you:

  • Need to replace damaged, failing, or outgrown racks with a sturdier, more reliable solution

  • Need to expand your capacity to store inventory at a variety of weights

  • Need to outfit a brand-new warehouse or storage area with a solution that will last

Features and Benefits

  • Strong
    Husky pallet racks are made from 100% high-strength steel manufactured in the U.S.A. Their sturdy design holds up under tons of weight and years of hard use.

  • Scalable
    Husky’s robust upright pieces can be built up to 46 feet without splicing. Their industry-standard teardrop punch design is compatible with more than 90% of the pallet racks on the market, making it easy to add Husky racks to your existing shelving system.

  • Safe
    When a rack is holding tons of weight, a collapse is unthinkable. Husky’s unique bowlock safety clip has a spring-loaded mechanism to securely lock beams in place.

  • Simple
    Fast, easy installation takes just a few people and minimal tools.

  • Stylish
    The classic Husky pallet rack is orange and green, but you can customize it to match any aesthetic. Invincible racks are available in a range of colors to match your facility’s color scheme.

Easy Installation

See how quickly and easily an Invincible rack comes together - with just four people and a handful of common tools you already have in your warehouse.
For more information on proper rack selection, warehouse layout assistance, and complete storage system design, please visit us at for more details.


See below for an assembly video:

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