Quantum Epoxy Shelving

It can be tough to find storage solutions for areas with extreme temperatures, such as freezers and coolers. Add in humidity and options for storage that can stand up to such conditions are limited. This is where Quantum epoxy shelving proves to be an economical solution that not only tolerates these conditions but has additional beneficial features.

When it comes to finding storage options for various businesses and organizations, Industrial Shelving Systems has expertise in providing quality storage solutions. For more information on epoxy shelving, contact Industrial Shelving Systems.


Uses for Epoxy Shelving

Epoxy wire shelving is an ideal solution for storage in cool or wet and humid areas. Water resistant shelving is especially useful in industries where coolers and damp environments are used to maintain the quality of the product. 

Industries such as food service, florists and greenhouses find epoxy wire shelving useful. But this solution isn’t limited to wet conditions, this type of shelving does well in dry storage areas, too.


Epoxy Shelving Features

The carbon steel of Quantum epoxy shelving is treated with an iron phosphate base. Then a hybrid epoxy with an antibacterial agent is electrostatically applied over the treated surface. The Proform green epoxy finish makes Quantum epoxy shelving ideal for use in wet and dry environments. 

These shelves are rust-proof, resistant to water damage and anti-microbial. The anti-microbial feature protects products that are stored on these shelves from issues such as mold and mildew that can grow in wet conditions. The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) has approved Quantum epoxy shelves, meaning the manufacturer complies with the strict standards and procedures outlined by NSF. 

The light green shelves come with leveling screw inserts, and users can add casters for mobile carts. In addition, many units can be used with an Add-On Unit to be configured in a right angle, straight line and back-to-back alignment. A top quality storage solution, the shelves have all-welded construction and extra wire trussing to increase shelf strength. Furthermore, Quantum epoxy shelving units are quick and easy to assemble.


 Epoxy Shelving Products

With an antimicrobial covering that’s ideal for wet, dry and cool storage environments, epoxy shelving can meet the needs of many industries. In addition, shelving units can be configured to fit spaces of varying sizes. 

Industrial Shelving Systems helps businesses find storage solutions to meet their needs. As a provider of quality shelving and storage units, Industrial Shelving Systems has helped businesses and organizations in many different industries. For more information on products, contact us today.