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Unique Heavy Duty Bolt Bins "Steel" The Show

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Some time ago we assisted one of our local customers, a Saint Louis steel foundry, in creating a custom solution to an unexpected problem. When a visit from the local fire marshal required them to replace their built-in wooden bin shelving, they were faced with a tough question: How could they meet fire code updates while housing their large inventory of heavy-duty hardware and pipe fittings? This small fire code issue presented a tough challenge. Unable to locate a standard bin unit with the strength and opening sizes their items required, they turned to Industrial Shelving Systems. We designed these custom heavy-duty bolt bins for their plant maintenance department, meeting the requirements of the local fire marshal and exceeding customer expectations.

At ISS, we are always innovating and striving to meet our customers’ unique storage requirements. Our bolt bins are available in a variety of bin opening sizes and overall dimensions. The most common units include 12”Wx12”Hx18”D openings and have a built-in 2” front lip. We’ve created custom opening sizes from 6”x6” to meet a variety of storage application.

Our heavy-duty fork pockets allow for safe and easy re-positioning inside your plant, and the all-welded 12-gauge construction will hold up for a lifetime, even in the harshest of industrial conditions. These custom bin units got their start working in steel mills and are a great solution for storing large heavy hardware, pipe fittings, and many other parts that may be too bulky or too heavy for typical commercial-grade bins on the market.

If you find yourself requiring a heavy-duty solution for your bin storage application, please contact Industrial Shelving Systems and learn more about the custom bolt bins that we can build to meet your exact needs.


Finding A Storage Solution For Long Inventory

Finding A Storage Solution For Long InventoryRecently, a local manufacturing company was looking for a way to store their drill rods. These rods ranged in size from eight feet to more than twenty feet! Luckily for them, they found Industrial Shelving Systems who offers cantilever rack as the ideal solution for the safe, efficient storage of long and often heavy items. [...]

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The Worst Accident Is One That Can Be Avoided

OSHA estimates that there are 680,400 accidents, each year, involving powered industrial trucks. Approximately 90,000 workers suffer some type of injuries in these accidents, resulting in lost work time, workers' compensation claims, and productivity losses--not to mention the damage inflicted upon equipment and facilities. About 100 people lose their lives each year in these accidents.Industrial Shelving Systems helps you protect [...]

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We Play Warehouse Tetris. Every. Single. Day.

A mixture of small and large parts can often cause unique storage issues for dealers and warehouses. With sprawling storage footprints, and costly time hold-ups from product search, this type of mixture creates a range of inefficiency that can be difficult to deal with. Thankfully, Industrial Shelving Systems offers many different custom solutions, such as drawers in shelving, to tailor [...]

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A Smart Use of Space, A Smarter Investment

Many production supervisors know that industrial steel work platforms (mezzanines) are the best solution to fully utilize existing overhead space and operate more efficiently and profitably. Mezzanine installation can give you valuable office, storage, or manufacturing areas at a fraction of the cost of new construction. But did you know that they also qualify for accelerated 7-year capital equipment depreciation, as [...]

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Need a custom storage solution?

Need a custom storage solution? Industrial Shelving Systems has project managers who can custom design ways to safely and properly store your inventory for unique storage applications. Here's an example of a simple solution for glass storage racks.This heavy duty truck dealer was looking for a way to store their glass inventory in their parts department. Our project manager created a [...]

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Mobile Aisle Systems to Maximize Your Storage Space

Looking for creative solutions to expand your storage square footage but out of space? Industrial Shelving Systems offers Mobile Aisle Systems. In many instances you can use your existing shelving and racking and make them mobile by putting them on a sliding track! The track systems are available for wire shelving, rivet style & bulk [...]

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Save Space and Organize with Drawers In Shelving!

Have a mixture of small and large parts that are difficult to store? Industrial Shelving Systems offers Drawers in Shelving to accommodate various sized items. Keep inventory organized, consolidated, and easily accessible for quick, efficient pick times.This parts room had everything from heavy batteries to heavy pins to small fittings. Industrial Shelving Systems installed Rousseau Drawers in Shelving to accommodate the wide [...]

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Out Of Space? Build Up Not Out!

Out of space in your parts department or storage area? Build UP, not OUT! Industrial Shelving Systems offers a variety of Work Platform Mezzanines. Double your parts storage without widening your footprint! This heavy duty equipment company near St. Charles, Missouri was out of space, and our team designed and installed a Free Standing Wildeck Mezzanine to accommodate their expansive storage needs. [...]

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