How to Assemble Rivet Shelving

Posted by Tom Compton on 31st Jul 2023

Rivet shelving, a.k.a. boltless shelving, is a fast, easy way to create heavy-duty storage in your warehouse, shop, or garage. Assembling these sturdy racks requires no nuts, no bolts, no power too … read more

TierPoint Case Study

26th Jul 2023

Problem:TierPoint, a leading provider of secure, connected data center and cloud solutions, was expanding to a new Data Center and needed a way to secure their servers. They turned to Jeremy with Indu … read more

Rivet Shelving Resources

Posted by Tom Compton on 19th May 2023

What is rivet shelving? Rivet shelving, also known as rivet rack or boltless shelving, is a type of industrial shelving that uses rivets to secure the shelves to the uprights. The shelving unit … read more

Pallet Racking Inspections

8th May 2023

Pallet Racking Inspections The storage systems that support the efficient work of a warehouse are critical to keeping the operation running smoothly and safely. Pallet racks are no exception. … read more