Rousseau Tech Benches Case Study

26th Jan 2023

Sapaugh GM is a family owned and operated Automotive Dealer located in Herculaneum, MO. As one of the largest employers in Jefferson County, MO, the General Manager, Joe, wanted to continue to invest … read more

Organizing Tool Cabinets

5th Jan 2023

A Simple Guide to Organizing Your Tool Cabinet In auto repair and maintenance, the tools of the trade cost a pretty penny. It’s easy to drop $20,000 on all the wrenches, ratchets, sockets, sc … read more

7 Considerations For An Efficient Parts Counter

29th Nov 2022

Time is money in your dealership’s service and parts departments. If you bill two hours to change a water pump, your techs should be spending those two hours — or less — under the hood, not in the … read more

Mezzanine Case Study

22nd Jul 2022

As any Automotive Parts Manager or Dealership can tell you, maintaining an organized and effective Parts Department can be an ongoing battle. Problem When a Midwest based Automotive D … read more