Browse a variety of Stackbin heavy duty bolt bin products, including stack bins, metal hopper front bins, all-steel sectional bolt bin units, stack racks, mobile bin units, and more. Our heavy duty bolt bin shelving units meet the storage needs in steel mills, power plants, oil refineries or any factory environment that requires durable bin storage units with the added feature of a forkliftable base for mobility.

Our bolt bins are available in a variety of bin opening sizes and overall dimensions and can be custom designed to meet the dimensions required to store your specific parts. The most common units include 12”Wx12”Hx18”D openings and have a built-in 2” front lip.

Our heavy-duty fork pockets allow for safe and easy re-positioning inside your plant, and the all-welded 12-gauge construction will hold up for a lifetime, even in the harshest of industrial conditions. Our custom bin units got their start working in steel mills and are a great solution for storing large heavy hardware, pipe fittings, and many other parts that may be too bulky or too heavy for typical commercial-grade bins on the market.

Shop a variety of widths, depths, and heights in order to best customize your organizational system. If you find yourself requiring a heavy-duty solution for your bin storage application, please contact Industrial Shelving Systems, and learn more about the custom bolt bins that we can build to meet your exact needs.


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