EZ Order Guard Railing

EZ to order, quick ship industrial guard railing to protect your people and property from forklift accidents.

All pre-configured runs listed here are Steel King Steel Guard double high 42" systems with bolt in style rails.

Baseplates are 10"x10", so always consider that our Starter units are 10" longer than the nominal rail length and the Add-On units are the same as the nominal rail length.
(example: for a 20' space you would order one 10' Starter and one 9' Add-on for an overall length of 19'-10")

For runs with a 90 degree corner in them, simply order the corner post plus the required number of Add-On units in each direction.

For more complicated or custom configurations please call 1-800-875-6201-875-6201 for a detailed quote.

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