SG10-2RA Guard Rail Complete Double High Add-On 42"High x 10' Long


253.00 LBS

Steel Guard Double High PreConfigured Guard Rail Add-On Run 42"High x 10'Long

Consisting of:
1 - DCLYW 42" Center Post, Double High (4"x4" Column centered on 10"x10" Base plate)
2 - GR10YW 10 ft. Bolted Guard Rail (actual 116")


Posts are 4" square structural tubing on a 10" square base plate. Posts include four 3/4" x 5-1/2" anchors and cap.

Rails are 14-1/2", 11-gauge, 3 ribbed rails.

Baseplates are 10"x10", so always consider that our Starter units are 10" longer than the nominal guard rail length and the Add-On units are the same as the nominal guard rail length.
(Example: A 20' space requires one 10' Starter and one 9' Add-on for an overall length of 19'-10")

Usually Ships in 48 Hours (plus transit time)