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Heavy Duty Tool Chests and Cabinets

Tool chests provide a storage solution for businesses in various industries, and offer multiple storage options to meet any need.

The experts at Industrial Shelving Systems have experience finding storage solutions for many different industries and can identify a solution for any unique need. To learn more about options in heavy duty tool chests and cabinets, contact Industrial Shelving Systems. 


Uses for industrial tool chests and cabinets

The right storage unit keeps tools orderly. With a clearly organized system, team members know where to go to get the tool they need without wasting time searching for it. Tool chests provide an easy solution to storage and organization. To further customize a chest, drawers can be configured with partitions to create specific slots for any tool.

Heavy duty tool chests and cabinets can stand up to any workshop or job site, and many different types of businesses store tools. Whether it’s an automotive workshop, a contractor work space or an at-home DIY area, industrial tool chests and cabinets and heavy duty tool boxes protect tools that can be expensive and sometimes hard to replace. Tool cabinets and chests are available in many sizes to fit any space and can be fitted with wheels to conveniently roll to the work space if needed.


Features of heavy duty chests and cabinets 

Tools are heavy. Storing multiple tools and parts in one space means a heavy duty, industrial strength holding capacity is needed. This is a time for well-built storage options that can handle a tough space and a heavy load.

Industrial Shelving Systems carries tool chests with drawers that can hold up to 400 pounds in each drawer. Users can configure drawers using partitions to meet their specific needs. Drawers are available in differing depths and completely extend allowing full access to storage.


Heavy duty industrial tool chest products

Quality tool chests offer options for storing, organizing and protecting tools to save time and money. Tool chests and cabinets have many uses including businesses, automotive centers and home workshops. To meet the needs of any user, tool cabinets are available in varying sizes and customizable. 

For more information on tool storage solutions, contact Industrial Shelving Systems.




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