Pallet Rack Wire Decking

What is Pallet Rack Wire Decking? 

Wire decking is a common accessory and affordable solution for pallet rack decking. Made from durable metal in an open mesh design, the built-in wire decking support channels fit securely between the front and rear rack beams to provide an easy drop-in wire deck to support your inventory.

The unique mesh design increases the safety and versatility of the entire pallet rack system by allowing you to store more than just standard pallets in your warehouse. It also prevents lost product from falling to the floor while still allowing light to pass through for better views of your inventory. Offered in a variety of wire gauge selections, there are plenty of options available to fit your...

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specific needs.

Reach out if you need help determining which wire decking will work for your particular application and match the beams you have selected.


Benefits of Pallet Rack Wire Decking 

  • Strength: Wire decking comes in a variety of engineered weight capacities with most options starting at 2,500 pounds when the loads are uniformly distributed. Wood decking can be difficult to properly calculate safe weight capacities with the many factors involved such as thickness, board grade, and number of front-to-back supports.
  • Safety: Pallet rack wire decking resists fire and has a lower risk of collapsing. The mesh grid design allows for better sprinkler, light and airflow throughout the racking system. It also increases visibility for forklift drivers for safer, more accurate pallet placement within the upper levels of the racking.
  • Versatility: Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate any warehouse, wire decking fits many common pallet rack models. Waterfall edges make handloading easier to store bins, boxes, and other products that aren’t the standard pallet size. Decks also comply with FDA regulations
  • Cost Savings: The cost of cutting, installing, and replacing wood boards over time will be far higher than wire decking that is specifically designed to fit the pallet rack. Once installed in your warehouse, wire decking requires little to no maintenance, saving you more money in the long run. 
  • Wear Resistance: Wire decking for racks is durable and built with long-lasting construction, compared to wood that can warp and splinter. Its steel construction with wires running front-to-back reduces the chances of damage caused by forklifts or pallets. With an open mesh design, compared to solid decking, there is less dust which requires less cleaning.
  • Improved Visibility: The mesh design allows light to come through the pallet racks, providing enough visibility for your warehouse employees to see beneath the decks clearly. 
  • Easy to Install: Installation requires few to zero tools. Wire decks, with their built in support channels, simply drop into place whether you are installing new racking or replacing existing wood decking. 


Applications for Pallet Rack Wire Decking 

Food Industry

Wire decking adheres to FDA regulations and can store food without contaminating goods. Its surface doesn’t accumulate dust or allow potential pests to easily access the food inside the palletized containers. And the woven mesh design allows for an abundance of airflow, while preventing bacteria growth from accidental spills. 

Manufacturing and Warehousing

The industrial grade warehouse rack wire decking can hold over one ton of products and supplies. The metal mesh adds more support beneath the pallets while its non-flammable construction reduces the risk of fires. 


Types of Pallet Rack Wire Decking 

Drop-In Flush Decking: As its name suggests, drop-in flush decking drops into place flush with the pallet rack and is supported by the beams. It is best used when access to the front of the beams is needed (e.g., barcodes attached to beams). 

Waterfall Wire Mesh Decking: This type of wire decking sits on top of the beams and hangs over the edge like a waterfall. It is available with options that can fit over a variety of beams, like box and step beams. 

Step Channel Decking: Best used with step beams, the step channel decking is designed with a U-shaped support channel whose ends rest on the bottom portion of the step beam at either end. 

Flared Channel Decking: The ends of the support channels flare out on this type of wire decking, allowing it to work universally with either box or step beams. However, it does not work with drop-in decking. 

Inverted Channel Decking: Available in both standard and flared forms, inverted channel decking offers universal application with options for both step and flared channels. Its inverted U-shape design helps to prevent accumulation of dust and debris, ensuring regulatory compliance for food industry facilities that store edible products. 

Whether you’re just starting to organize your warehouse or are a seasoned professional, the storage experts at Industrial Shelving can guide you through every step of your pallet rack wire decking project. Contact us to get started. 



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