Record Storage Shelving

Record retention is an important part of compliance in many businesses and organizations. Whether storing hard copies of records and documents for three years, five years, seven years or even longer, having a safe stable place to organize records is critical. Shelving created specifically for storing record storage boxes fills this need. Record storage shelving is available in varying sizes and construction that can be used with boxes to keep records contained and accessible.

Record and document storage shelving features

Shelves created for storing records and documents have unique features. These include:

  • Sized for storing record storage boxes

  • Available in varying styles

Using boxes, such as bankers boxes, to organize and store records is a common practice in record retention. Shelving is made with these storage methods in mind. By organizing records with boxes on shelves, businesses can easily access documents when needed without having to unstack and restack boxes. When labeled, boxes can also be easily identified and files more easily found.

Record storage shelving units are available in different styles depending upon the business’s needs. These shelves come in several different sizes to accommodate a business’s size of records stored with the largest holding 90 standard sized boxes. They are also available in a boltless style shelving with particle board decking or as an all steel shelf. With these shelves, there’s no wasted space as each beam level can be used for storage.

Industrial Shelving Systems has expertise in providing quality storage solutions for many different types of businesses and organizations. For more information on record storage shelving options, contact Industrial Shelving Systems. 

Bankers boxes storage

Record storage boxes commonly known as bankers boxes are an efficient way to keep documents organized and contained. Record storage shelving is made to hold bankers boxes, keeping them organized yet accessible.

Each of the largest shelving units available through Industrial Shelving Systems can store up to 90 bankers boxes. The smaller shelving units are capable of storing 30 bankers boxes. Additional sizes are available, contact us to learn more.

Benefits of record storage shelving

Record retention is critical to running a business. Record storage shelving provides organization for documents and records that need to be kept and maintained, and also makes records easy to access.

Industrial Shelving Systems helps businesses find storage solutions to meet their needs. As a provider of quality shelving and storage units, Industrial Shelving Systems has helped businesses and organizations in many different industries. For more information on products, contact us today.


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