Guard Rail

Industrial Shelving Systems offers a wide variety of guard railing products through several top notch manufacturers. There are critical differences in protection ratings that need to be understood when choosing the right guard rail solution for your specific application. Most manufacturers offer a light duty value line, a medium duty line that covers most requirements, and then a heavy duty system for maximum protection. Pricing obviously differs from line to line, but it could be a costly mistake to only look at guard railing from the price point perspective. Always consider what is being guarded. Is it expensive machinery, critical building structures, pedestrian traffic? You also need to consider the available space you have. Generally, the lighter the impact rating of the guard rail, the farther you have to mount it from the items being protected. This can take up valuable floor space, making it more cost effective to purchase the heavier duty guarding in order to condense the space required.

Here is more information on just a few of the major guard rail lines we carry. Please contact Industrial Shelving Systems for a quote, or for assistance on choosing the correct level of protection for your specific guard rail requirement. (Shop Now For This Product)

Steel King Guard Rail      Wildeck Guard Rail  WireCrafters Guard Rail