Warehouse Guard Rails

Heavy Duty Guard Rails

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When you maintain a warehouse, plant, or facility, your employees’ safety is top of mind. Put it at ease by installing an industrial guardrail system by Steel King. 

OSHA estimates that there are 680,400 accidents each year involving powered industrial trucks. Approximately 90,000 workers suffer some type of injuries in these accidents, resulting in lost work time, workers’ compensation claims, and productivity losses – not to mention the damage inflicted upon equipment and facilities. Heavy duty railings...

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can protect work platforms, aisles, loading docks, pedestrian aisles, and other locations within your warehouse from forklift accidents. 

Use Cases

Protect valuable and fragile equipment: 
Worker areas 
In-plant offices 
Building walls 
Rack aisle ends 
Inventory areas 
Pedestrian aisles 
Loading docks 
Electrical panels 
HVAC equipment 
Freezer / cooler panels 
Controls and computer consoles 
Many more…


Universal posts feature connection holes on three sides allowing you to create barriers for your unique needs.

All hardware and post caps included.


11 gauge steel

Available in single high or double high versions.

Posts are 4″ square structural tubing on a 10″ square base plate. 

Posts include four 3/4″ x 5-1/2″ anchors and cap.

Rails are 14-1/2″, 11-gauge, 3 ribbed rails. Bolted or lift-out versions available.

Each unit includes 3/4″ x 5-1/2″ anchors. Anchors are shipped in a box within the guard rail column.

Quick Ship Information

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Terms and conditions

How to Find Your Steel King Guard Rail

Choose the system’s height. Steel Guard railing is available in 18” single-high or 42” double-high railing applications.

Determine which post type your warehouse needs. Industrial Shelving has multiple options available. Choose from offset end posts, center posts, or corner posts to best fit your space and needs.

Offset end posts — used to go tight up to a wall where flushed design is desired

Center posts — can be used as an end or interior post

Corner posts — used to make a 90-degree bend in a run of railing

Choose the rail lengths. The actual rail will be 4” shorter than what’s listed because rails are measured post-to-post from center. Use lift-out pockets to increase center-to-center dimension by 1”.

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