8860 Floor Plate 3" x 3" x 0.25"


0.70 LBS

Lyon Floor Plate, for use with Lyon Shelving. You may require additional hardware to install such as 8861, Concrete Wedge Anchor and 8859 Upright to Floor Angle. If you have any questions about the proper use of this item please contact us via live chat, email or phone.

  • Used to securely anchor your 8000 series shelving to the floor
  • The galvanized steel still stand up to harsh environments
  • Made in the USA


Ensure the safety and stability of your 8000 series industrial metal shelving by using the Lyon NF8860 metal foot plate as part of the anchor system. This 3" x 3" steel foot plate provides extra support to guarantee a safe and sturdy installation. Lyon strongly recommends securing each section of shelving and ensuring that your shelving is level before anchoring it to your warehouse floor to ensure it can hold the weight capacities it should.

The NF8860 metal foot plate from Lyon is compatible with both 8000 series t-post uprights and offset angle post uprights. The 1/4-inch thick steel plate is pre-drilled to easily accept floor anchors in the correct spot. The two 3/8-inch-deep drilled holes line up to match an 8000 series post with an upright-to-floor angle on either side. While it's not necessary, you can use two angles on each upright for added stability. The foot plate comes with an unpainted finish, which matches the anchors and upright-to-floor angles.

This NF8860 metal foot plate is part of an anchoring system for the 8000 series industrial steel shelving, and other shelf accessories, such as the Upright-to-Floor Angle and Concrete Wedge Anchor Bolts, can help you anchor your shelving to the floor.

Lyon is proud to manufacture all of our industrial metal shelving parts in the USA.

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Color: Dove Gray


More Color options are available at additional cost and lead time. Contact us for more information!

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