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Finding A Storage Solution For Long Inventory

14th Jun 2017

Finding A Storage Solution For Long Inventory

Recently, a local manufacturing company was looking for a way to store their drill rods. These rods ranged in size from eight feet to more than twenty feet! Luckily for them, they found Industrial Shelving Systems who offers cantilever rack as the ideal solution for the safe, efficient storage of long and often heavy items. Our team was able to evaluate their inventory and determine the best size and capacity of cantilever rack to safely store their product while our project manager provided AutoCAD drawings of the layout, provided the heavy duty material, and oversaw the entire installation of the product.

Cantilever rack is perfect for storing lumber, piping, bar stock, metal tubes, rods and so much more! But keep in mind, arms and uprights have different capacity ratings, so you always have to be aware of the maximum load your racking can handle. You never want to use racks that you don’t know the load capacity of and risk overloading. In order to safely match these weight capacities that your products require, we offer cantilever rack with options from light duty to extra heavy duty. Proper arm size, arm capacity, upright capacity, and bracing distance are all critical specifications and must be dictated by the specific product being stored. That may sound like a lot to figure out, but not to worry, you can contact us if you need professional assistance with your cantilever rack requirement!

With our help, you will be able to get your bulky items off the ground and reduce your storage footprint.