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Maximizing Parts Department Efficiency with Industrial Shelving

Maximizing Parts Department Efficiency with Industrial Shelving

Posted by Tom Compton on 21st Aug 2023


Sunset Ford, a well-established automotive dealership, was grappling with space constraints in their Parts Department due to their high sales volume. The need for efficient organization and accessibility of their extensive inventory prompted them to seek solutions. With the help of Dan from Industrial Shelving Systems, they aimed to optimize their storage space and improve overall department efficiency.


Dan from Industrial Shelving Systems proposed a comprehensive solution to address Sunset Ford's space challenges. The key components of the solution included the installation of a Wildeck Mezzanine, strategic design considerations, and the implementation of specialized shelving systems.

1. Wildeck Mezzanine Installation:

  • Dan assessed the available space and recommended the installation of a Wildeck Mezzanine. This allowed Sunset Ford to effectively double their floor space by creating a second level within their existing facility. The mezzanine was designed to accommodate the dealership's specific requirements, such as electric, doors, sprinklers, and lighting.

2. Precision and Safety Considerations:

  • Precise measurements were crucial for integrating the mezzanine seamlessly with the existing infrastructure. Dan ensured that existing junction boxes, walkways, and doors were factored into the design. This attention to detail not only optimized the space but also saved time and costs by avoiding the need to relocate existing electrical components.
  • Safety was another critical concern. To create safe walkways and clear pathways, the engineers at Wildeck proposed a creative solution. By cantilevering the mezzanine over 5 feet, a column was shifted to create a secure walkway leading to the Parts Department's entrance.

3. Custom Shelving Solutions:

  • To efficiently store parts of various sizes, Dan collaborated with the engineers to design a custom 1,000 square feet mezzanine layout. The design incorporated Rivet Rack Shelving on the second floor. This type of shelving utilizes vertical space effectively, allowing Sunset Ford to organize and access smaller parts efficiently.

4. Enhanced Security and Peace of Mind:

  • For added security, WireCrafters Wire Mesh Partitions were installed around the perimeter of the mezzanine. This precaution ensured that both parts and employees were safe and secure, providing peace of mind to Sunset Ford.

5. Positive Feedback and Flexibility:

  • The new Parts Storage layout received positive feedback from Sunset Ford's management. Justin, a representative from Sunset Ford, praised the well-thought-out and flexible design that addressed their space and organizational challenges effectively.


By collaborating with Industrial Shelving Systems and utilizing innovative solutions like the Wildeck Mezzanine and specialized shelving systems, Sunset Ford successfully overcame their space limitations in the Parts Department. The strategic design and implementation not only doubled their available space but also improved overall department functionality, security, and employee accessibility. Industrial Shelving Systems demonstrated their expertise in space optimization and organizational solutions, leading to a more efficient and productive Parts Department at Sunset Ford.

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