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Mezzanine Case Study

22nd Jul 2022

As any Automotive Parts Manager or Dealership can tell you, maintaining an organized and effective Parts Department can be an ongoing battle.


When a Midwest based Automotive Dealership contacted Industrial Shelving Systems to help with the setup of their new addition, we were thrilled to help them build a solid foundation for their organizational needs from the ground up.

With a large Parts Department Inventory, this Dealer needed twice the amount of storage space available with the existing one level. In addition to their storage needs, this project had a few roadblocks - building columns that were 8”x30” out into the room and an electrical box and conduit that would all need to be worked around.


By contacting Industrial Shelving before the renovation began, our Project Manager, Dan, was able to help with the layout and design with the Contractor. With the help of the professional Engineers at Wildeck - Dan was able to custom fabricate a Mezzanine for their Parts Department that increased storage space that worked with the existing building structure and electrical work.

Mainly used for storing larger, slower moving parts as well as Record Storage and spare office equipment, Mezzanines allow you to utilize vertical space. Keeping the 1st floor of the Parts Department open and organized for fast moving, smaller parts, resulting in increased efficiency and shorter service times.

Parts Department Mezzanines can be fully customized to fit each Dealer’s unique space and inventory.

To learn more about how we can help and schedule a consultation with Industrial Shelving Systems, contact us today.

Wildeck Storage Platform     Solid Flooring Option for Mezzanines