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Out Of Space? Build Up Not Out!

13th Oct 2016

Out of space in your parts department or storage area? Build UP, not OUT! Industrial Shelving Systems offers a variety of Work Platform Mezzanines. Double your parts storage without widening your footprint!

This heavy duty equipment company near St. Charles, Missouri was out of space, and our team designed and installed a Free Standing Wildeck Mezzanine to accommodate their expansive storage needs. A pallet drop with double swing gate was an additional feature installed to allow them to place heavy pallets on the second level and to prevent their employees from having to hand carry the heavy items up the stair of the work platform. Lighting and sprinklers can also be easily hung from the underside of the mezzanine. Their storage footprint was doubled, and they didn’t have to occupy any additional square footage in their facility!

Storage platforms, also commonly referred to as mezzanines, come in three types including free standing, catwalk style, and shelving supported full-mat mezzanines. Each type has its' own unique characteristics to meet a variety of storage application needs. Give us a call to find out which style might work best for you.