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Pallet Racking Inspections

8th May 2023

Pallet Racking Inspections

The storage systems that support the efficient work of a warehouse are critical to keeping the operation running smoothly and safely. Pallet racks are no exception. A well-made pallet rack system that is correctly installed and maintained can last for years, and consistent upkeep and repairs keep pallet racking able to bear heavy loads safely.

Part of pallet rack maintenance is having your pallet racking system inspected. These inspections should be done regularly by your employees to make sure they don’t see any issues and also by third-party professionals. During an expert inspection, professionals will closely examine your pallet racking systems and provide a report based on the findings.

Industrial Shelving Systems (ISS) provides visual rack damage inspections based on American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI) standards. To set up an inspection for your warehouse, contact the experts at ISS.

What is a pallet racking inspection?

While it’s important for your team members to regularly check pallet racks for any potential issues, an inspection by a third-party expert can provide a thorough look at your pallet racking system. In addition, an inspection should include a report with detailed findings and information on how to rectify any weaknesses in the system.

When an experienced ISS team member conducts an inspection, they will come to your facility and thoroughly examine your pallet racking system. During the inspection they will check for damage to beams, uprights and decking. The report you will receive details our findings and recommendations for correcting any damage.

A report will describe exactly which pallet rack the inspector found the damage on, the location on the racking system of the damage and the severity of the damage ranging from minor to critical. Regardless of the level of damage, ISS recommends any damaged racking be repaired or replaced to maintain worker safety. ISS reports include photos of damaged areas as well.

Should pallet racking be inspected?

While there aren’t requirements for pallet racking inspections, as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements aren’t specific to pallet racks but to worker safety, warehouses can be cited for unsafe pallet racking. Having your employees check equipment often and having third-party experts inspect systems are important to protecting your warehouse and employees from potential risks that could come from damaged pallet racks. These risks include worker safety, potential litigation, loss of inventory and loss of productivity.

Inspections help to keep your pallet rack systems and warehouse moving along efficiently. A damaged rack cannot be used or at least cannot be used to its potential, meaning you will be losing valuable storage space and risking worker safety. A third-party inspection helps you to find the potential issues so you can repair them before they become a problem.

How do I get a pallet rack inspection?

To set up an onsite pallet rack system inspection, you’ll want to find a reputable third party, independent inspection company. When reaching out to the company to discuss details, you’ll want to ask about the standards they use and make sure that you will receive a report from the inspection. It’s important to ask what information and details the report will include so you can be sure it will be useful to your team.

How to use information from a pallet rack inspection

A detailed report should result from the inspection. You’ll want to review the report with your team and decide how to correct any issues that are uncovered. Ideally, the report will provide you with recommendations on how to fix issues.

At ISS, we include solutions for issues that our inspectors find. For example, if damage is serious enough to require new parts, we recommend contacting the original manufacturer for replacement parts needed to ensure the best fit and compatibility. Our report also includes visuals of any areas that are identified as needing to be repaired.

As experts in finding storage solutions to help warehouses maximize their productivity, our team at ISS has experience working with warehouses in many industries. This includes making sure their storage systems are safe. Contact our team to set up an inspection to keep your warehouse running efficiently and safely.