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Prairie State Case Study

Prairie State Case Study

Posted by Audrey Goedegebuure on 21st Mar 2024


6,000 square feet of open space. Thousands of materials to store. Our dream come true.

Prairie State Energy Campus, a provider of clean, reliable, and affordable energy in Marissa, Illinois, faced the exciting challenge of constructing their new warehouse. With several materials of different shapes and sizes, this power station needed help maximizing their space. That’s where we came in! Starting with a blank slate, Industrial Shelving Systems was given the opportunity to design Prairie State’s entire warehouse storage space.


Tom, from Industrial Shelving Systems (ISS), took the lead on finding the warehouse shelving solution . Starting out with a site visit, he evaluated the space, taking specific measurements throughout while making sure to note the types of storage solutions that would best fit into the warehouse. “After a detailed inventory evaluation, we were able to provide the customer with an efficient layout and the right mix of storage media for all of their different inventory,” mentions Tom. “This included custom fabricated standing rod storage racks, custom hydraulic hose storage racks, modular drawer cabinets, Steel King pallet racking, Rousseau shelving, flammable cabinets, and MECO spool storage racks.” The plan also included a nice workspace for warehouse staff with Stronghold heavy duty work tables and Rousseau heavy duty desks with a laminate wood top.

Tom made sure to carefully formulate this project with the goal of ensuring that the warehouse would be efficient for workers to quickly grab materials when needed. In addition to creating an organized work environment, safety was another factor that was prioritized when crafting this design.

“In a warehouse serving coal mines, it is critical that their inventory is organized, stored safely, and designed for efficiency,” Tom notes. On the pallet racking, Tom added WireCrafters rack back security partition so that the heavy material would have no chance of falling on employees, avoiding serious injuries. This industrial shelving design also consisted of free-standing column protectors on each upright, ensuring stability and longevity if the beams were to be hit by a forklift.


From concepts to completion, ISS created a custom working environment for Prairie State. Now, this power station will be able to carry out their business for the community while gaining valuable time gathering materials.

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