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Rousseau Design Tool Update: Stacking Cabinets Available

Rousseau Design Tool Update: Stacking Cabinets Available

Posted by Audrey Goedegebuure on 25th Jun 2024

Have you used Rousseau’s online configurator, MyModel-r, before? This is an online design tool created to help you visualize and plan out your storage needs. With this configurator, you can select the product type and customize your warehouse storage needs, from dimensions to color and more.

Now, Rousseau’s tool is even better. This tool allows you to design stacking cabinets , providing another way to see your products before you buy them. Stacking cabinets are yet another storage solution that uses less floor space and allows you to be organized. When designing this storage, you can select a stacking cabinet to configure alone or a stationary cabinet and then stacking cabinet to configure as a combined set. From there, you can add options for drawers, specify the number of doors, choose from different colors (to match your warehouse aesthetics), add locks, and more! You can also customize dimensions, selecting the height, depth, width, and number of shelves.

This online design tool is a great way to visualize your storage needs. From Everest Blue to Glossy Cranberry Red, or six different drawers, you have options that you can choose from. Rousseau offers versatile storage solutions– allowing you to enhance organization within your operation needs.

Get started here , and have fun designing your custom storage solutions with the Rousseau MyModel-r configurator! Industrial Storage Systems is here to help with anything along the way. Give us a call at  1-800-875-6201 if you’d like help walking through this configurator or need advice on your storage needs.