LRO655 A48 27x48 Lift-Rite Titan 5500 Capacity 27"x48"

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LRO655 A48 27x48
180.00 LBS


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What's different about the LIFT-RITE Titan?

  • Offers improved reliability and performance with the improved entry brackets and steel exit rollers

  • The ergonomic Non-marking wheels and shielded ball bearing's keep you safe and
    comfortable when moving heavy loads

  • With a Durable powder coating that prevents the trucks paint from marking up product

  • Made in USA

  • Ships FOB St.Louis


The lift-rite titan's top of the line pallet jack features give you the tools you need to improve your workflow and get ahead. Don't waste money on pallet jack that leaks oil and rubs paint off on your product. Why spend twice as much buying a cheap pallet jack that breaks down frequently and requires parts and labor. When instead you can buy one that'll last a lifetime.



Ships in 1-2 days
2 year warranty for hydrolic pump