QSB101CO Conductive Shelf Bin 11-5/8" x 4-1/8" x 4" - Carton of 36 Bins


17.00 LBS

This item is sold in cartons of 36 bins. CLICK HERE to view dividers for this bin!

Protect your electronic components and equipment from typical electromagnetic interference (EMI), electrostatic or induced fields with these molded, carbon-filled, copolymer polypropylene bins. Surface resistivity is less than 10⁵ Ohms-per square. Easy access to stored items with hopper front bin and label holder provides fast identification. The conductive material provides a barrier which these fields cannot penetrate and prevents the buildup of electrostatic charge. Bins are permanently conductive and are unaffected by washing with normal cleaners. Be sure all units are properly grounded according to your application.


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