SteelKing SK2000 Pallet Rack

Introducing Steel King’s SK2000 Boltless Tubular Pallet Racks

If you’re considering installing a pallet racking system or upgrading your current system, it’s a major decision either way because it will have a big impact on how your operation functions. Pallet racking impacts everything from how your workspace is organized to how much you can store, including accommodating heavy loads. It can facilitate order fulfillment, limit damage to goods and optimize productivity, which ultimately will affect your profits and bottom line.

Industrial Shelving Systems understands that quality matters when choosing the right pallet racking system. That’s why we offer high-quality products from multiple manufacturers, including Steel King’s SK2000 closed-tube, roll-formed steel racking system – an industry standard in pallet racking solutions...


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Key features and advantages of the SK2000 Pallet Rack

The SK2000’s roll-formed steel is light weight, making it ideal for gravity flow, pushback and pick modules. Its boltless connections and tear drop design make it easy to assemble without tools. The beams and columns are molded from top-strength American-made steel, which is welded into closed-tubular sections. The closed-back racks are safer and more functional than open-back racks. Based on independent engineering tests, when compared to open-back column racks, the SK2000 pallet racking system is:

  • 250% stronger in frontal impact

  • 44 times more twist resistant

  • 68% sturdier in side impact resistance

The SK2000’s construction and design not only provide extraordinary strength, but also increased durability and safety. The auto-engaging safety lock prevents accidental beam disengagement, making it more secure.

The SK2000’s three-rivet beam connection is 26% stronger than a standard two-rivet connection, furthering product protection. Weight load is evenly dispersed by the flush-to-column base plate design, enabling more flexibility for anchor placement. Frame columns and beams are available in multiple sizes and thickness providing you with a wide array of load-carrying capacity options.

The powder coat paint technology is durable and scratch resistant, providing better resistance to water and corrosion. As a result, your equipment will require less maintenance and last longer. Powder coat paint is also better for the environment as it emits less fumes than liquid paints. You can choose from 13 basic colors to help you color-code your warehouse to organize your operational needs.


 Additional options and accessories available for the SK2000 

There are also numerous options and accessories available to help you safeguard your SK2000 rack system: 

  • Column Core® Protection – protects your most vulnerable areas and requires no extra aisle space. This option makes the SK2000 five times more impact resistant at the front corners and sides where the upright is most vulnerable.

  • Offset Front Column – offers greater forklift clearance at the face of the aisle to prevent forklift and/or pallet frame damage.

  • Column Protectors – keep pallet racks safe from loading equipment damage with welded-on or snap-on protectors.

  • Heavy Horizontal (brace) – replaces standard first horizontal brace with factory-welded structural channel. Increases impact resistance.

  • Double Reinforced Post – doubles the post strength where you need it the most. Available in various heights.

  • Rack End Protection – prevents forklift truck rack damage.


Buy today through Quick Ship

At Industrial Shelving Systems, we’re here to help you buy what you need today! We ship and install throughout North America. Quick Ship orders for limited quantities of our stock sizes typically ship in 48 hours are less. Through our quick ship program, your order will ship from the closest facility to make sure we get you the best freight rate and reduce the possibility of freight damage from a further shipping point. Larger purchases may be eligible for additional discounts. 

Although only quick ship sizes are shown online, many other sizes and configurations are available for you to order today.

Please call 1-800-875-6201 if you do not see the size or capacity you want or need or if you need assistance. At Industrial Shelving Systems, you come first!


Why Industrial Shelving Systems? 

Industrial Shelving Systems is a full-service storage system supplier, offering pallet racks from top manufacturers in multiple widths, depths, heights and configurations to meet your business requirements. We have been serving customers for over 60 years. We not only are experts at designing pallet racks to meet your needs and space, but we know how to listen. We know what questions to ask. Understanding your business and your needs is our business. We’ll work with you to determine the right system for your warehouse space in the most cost-effective yet efficient manner.

We offer both turnkey storage system solutions and custom designs, complete with full project management capabilities, including consulting with architects, contractors and company representatives. We utilize AutoCAD and Configura to design optimal layout options. We can secure any necessary permits and schedule installation crews, transportation and erection equipment, as well as interface material handling installation with building systems. To ensure satisfaction, we perform a final inspection with you.

At Industrial Shelving Systems, we are with you from start to finish on your project.


Larger orders may qualify for additional discounts, call us at 1-800-875-6201 for your specific requirement today.

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