Types of Shelving

Industrial Shelving Systems knows searching for, and selecting, the correct type of shelving can be an overwhelming task. The term "Shelving" is loosely used to cover many types, and many buyers refer to a single style of shelving by many different names or descriptions. Industrial shelving can be steel shelving, open or closed shelving, or heavy duty shelving. Pallet racking can be warehouse shelving, warehouse racks, pallet shelving or "that tall shelving at the hardware store". Wire shelving is often called wire racks, restaurant shelving, chrome shelving or NSF shelving.

The links above are for easy navigation to a few of the most common shelving types to start your search off in the right direction.

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 Let us Plan Your Storage Area For You

Industrial Shelving Systems can assist you from the start of your space planning. Let our team of experienced storage equipment and space planning experts provide critical input in the early stages of your planning so we can make the most impact on optimizing your space. Provide some basic information on the space available, the items being stored, your location, and we can help get you pointed in the right direction.