Warehouse Guard Rails

Protect Your Equipment and Employees 

When you maintain a warehouse, plant, or facility, your employees’ safety is top of mind. Put it at ease by installing an industrial guardrail system by Steel King. Heavy duty railings can protect work platforms, aisles, loading docks, pedestrian aisles, and other locations within your warehouse from forklift accidents. When Steel King designed its Steel Guard line in the mid-1980s, it did so with the goal of creating the toughest guardrail product in the industry. Since its debut, it has racked up more than 40,000 installations and has tested and proven at 13,440 lbs. of impact force.

How to find your Steel King solution

Choose the system’s height. Steel Guard railing is available in 18” single-high or 42” double-high railing applications.

Determine which post type your warehouse needs. Industrial Shelving has multiple options available. Choose from offset end posts, center posts, or corner posts to best fit your space and needs.

Offset end posts — used to go tight up to a wall where flushed design is desired

Center posts — can be used as an end or interior post

Corner posts — used to make a 90-degree bend in a run of railing

Choose the rail lengths. The actual rail will be 4” shorter than what’s listed because rails are measured post-to-post from center. Use lift-out pockets to increase center-to-center dimension by 1”.

Use a bolted or lift-out rail design. Lift-out rails increase access while still enabling protection.

Industrial Shelving offers EZ Order Guard railing to save you the time and hassle of configuring guard rail solutions on your own. The pre-configured runs are double high 42” systems with bolt-in style rails.

Shop Pre-Configured Guardrails

If your warehouse requires a more custom configuration, we can help you with its design. Call us today for a detailed quote and consultative services.  

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