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5 Simple Tips to Increase Warehouse Safety

5 Simple Tips to Increase Warehouse Safety

Posted by Audrey Goedegebuure on 11th Apr 2024

Keeping your warehouse safe is incredibly important in running a smooth operation and fostering a safe work environment for warehouse workers. Warehouse safety is a prevalent issue and continues to persist within the industry. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, there were 276,300 recordable nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses in 2022. That is a significant number of injuries that could be avoided!

The question is, how can you improve your space? Read our warehouse safety tips below to ensure that your work environment is up to date for your employees!

  • 1. Ensure Your Stocked Material Is Secure

One common incident in warehouses occurs when products fall and hit warehouse workers. In-stock material can be extremely heavy and if moved around by accident, can fall on someone, resulting in major injuries. One safety hazard we’ve identified consists of items falling from pallet racks. When a forklift operator goes to grab material, this may cause other material to shift and fall out the back of the racking.

That’s why Industrial Shelving Systems recommends installing WireCrafters Rack Back security partition on open back pallet racks. As the name alludes to, rack back is a fence-like structure that’s attached to the back of the rack, preventing any material from falling out.

Solid Deck Rivet Shelving

  • 2. Keep Industrial Shelving Up to Date

Your industrial shelving units are made to last but should be regularly inspected. Shelving can become damaged along the way – forklift operators and other objects may accidentally hit the structure and inflict damage. Over time these damages may worsen or become unstable to the point where it becomes dangerous for operation.

Inspections serve as a great checkpoint to guarantee that your industrial shelving is safe to continue using or can be a great time to identify any maintenance needs. The sooner your shelving units can be fixed, the less liability there is for a potential accident.

Standard Selective Pallet Racking

  • 3. Stay Neat and Organized

Your warehouse space should be clean and organized at all times. With warehouse workers moving around the work area every day, there’s a tendency for buildup on the floor and loose materials to gather. Keeping a neat space not only reduces the risk of objects or debris causing accidents, but it allows your staff to be more efficient in extracting materials when needed. When objects are out of place, there is risk of materials not being stored properly or inefficiencies.

On top of keeping things orderly, the warehouse floors should always be clean and free of liquid and debris. This will lower the chance of employees slipping and falling. An ergonomic space should always be the goal in any industrial warehouse.

Example of Tunnel Bay Racking

  • 4. Use Free Standing Column Protectors

Another great product we recommend installing to increase safety in the warehouse are column protectors. These serve as an extra precaution to keep pallet racks safe and secure. Column protectors are installed along the edges of the pallet rack legs to prevent forklifts or other heavy equipment from bumping into the rack – thereby protecting the stability of the structure.

This item also helps to increase warehouse staff’s awareness of their surroundings. When there is a bright yellow guard surrounding the rack, it’s easier to note the boundaries of where one should be operating equipment.

Column Protection for Pallet Racking

  • 5. Wear the Proper Gear

Last but not least, personal protective equipment (PPE) should always be worn when necessary. One of the best ways to limit a chance of injury is wearing proper protective gear. Depending on what’s stocked in your warehouse, this might include safety goggles, a safety vest, hardhat, and gloves. Closed toed shoes should be worn as well when in the warehouse. You can always check OSHA for the most up to date PPE guidelines.

Safety Goggles Example

Taking these preventative measures will greatly decrease the likelihood for injuries and accidents. This can save a lot of time and money in the long-term, which will benefit your warehouse operations.

Is your warehouse missing something from the list? Reach out to us to accident-proof your space.