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Elevating Efficiency: Local Dealership Case Study

Elevating Efficiency: Local Dealership Case Study

Posted by Audrey Goedegebuure on 3rd Jun 2024


With a brand-new dealership in the works, ISS was brought in to design a seamlessly organized environment, right from the ground up.

With a new dealership on the horizon, Dan Compton and Mike Croker from Industrial Shelving Systems worked with the architect and dealership to help design a turnkey parts department. Designed to dazzle, this luxury dealership wanted an all-black aesthetic, and their storage solutions needed to follow suite. As the doors prepared to open, ISS made sure every detail reflected this dealership’s goal to best serve their clients.


Kicking off with tire storage, the ISS team strategically installed tire racks equipped mobile aisle with hand cranks, allowing each tire rack to easily slide side-to-side within the room.

This clever design maximized the space by creating only one aisle so that each tire on every rack would be reachable. The ability to eliminate aisles, facilitated three extra tire racks , significantly increasing storage capacity from what it would’ve been with stationary tire racks.

“We recognize that dealerships are always in need of more space. That’s why we wanted to implement moving tire racks to ensure the most storage possible for inventory.” – Dan Compton

Apart from the tire racks, the ISS team took measurements and calculations to determine how many drawers could be installed in the service department special tools. As with any project, we always start with analyzing their current inventory setup and future inventory needs to decide on the best storage solutions. The Rousseau drawers that were decided upon allowed for many individual compartments within each drawer. One of the rooms was designed with six Rousseau cabinets and another mobile aisle system which eliminated a 48” aisle but still allowing for easy mobility. Of course, these were ordered in black to match the rest of the dealership. Being a dealership, special tools need to be readily available and organized for easy access.

This team decided to take one extra step of organization – adding a QR code to each separate compartment. With this system in place, one is now able to search for a specific tool, and their app will tell them exactly which drawer that item is stored in. This organization method will streamline this team’s day-to-day process, saving them much needed time.

“Efficiency is always top of mind for dealerships, so we wanted storage that would keep everything in order for daily use.” – Mike Croker


These automotive storage solutions will set this dealership up for success. With the mobile aisle tire racks, this dealership is now able to store 35% more tire space than they would’ve without the moving racks.

We wanted to make sure that since we started with an open space, the car dealership would be maximized to have an efficient operation from day 1. Our team is here to make the most of your space for you. Let us know how we can help you! Contact our team to get started.