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​Strengthening Utility Management: Data Center Case Study

​Strengthening Utility Management: Data Center Case Study

9th Jul 2024


In response to growing security concerns and the need for enhanced utility management, a local data center sought the expertise from Industrial Shelving Systems. This data center is responsible for safeguarding crucial IT infrastructure, so it is extremely important their operation stays secure. Any break-ins could cause detrimental damage to their company. With this in mind, they required a robust storage system to ensure the security of their servers.

Recognizing the special requirements for this project, Joe Goldkamp from ISS collaborated with WireCrafters, a leading provider of wire partition products. ISS and WireCrafters worked together to create a custom solution that kept the utilities secure and well-organized even with the complex infrastructure of the warehouse.


This data center faced a two-fold challenge. First, they needed a secure enclosure around their servers to safeguard sensitive information. With many utilities hanging from the ceiling, such as power and network cables, Joe needed to create a secure and precise solution that would comply with the items in the way. Additionally, this warehouse sought fencing solutions that would need to be as close to the ceiling as possible, providing additional security and optimizing space usage.

To ensure the best storage solution possible, Joe visited the warehouse to conduct an on-site assessment. He carefully measured the server racks and the areas where WireCrafters cages were to be installed with precision. Joe then asked the WireCrafters team for help with solving the challenges in the utility network at the data center.


Industrial Shelving Systems and WireCrafters collaborated to set up the warehouse's storage space smoothly. Our team worked efficiently to install the customized wire cages, taking care to align them precisely with the measured dimensions. The two teams worked together carefully to minimize disruptions to the data center during installation. The data center now has a heavy duty, safe, and secure storage unit.

Together, Industrial Shelving Systems and WireCrafters worked to create a secure storage space for the data center's servers. This collaboration highlighted the importance of meeting the unique needs of clients.

To keep your data or inventory safe, we can provide the perfect storage solutions for you. Let us know what you're needing to store, and we'll provide some storage options for you. Be sure to reach out to us here or give us a call at 1-800-875-6201.