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TierPoint Case Study

TierPoint Case Study

26th Jul 2023


TierPoint, a leading provider of secure, connected data center and cloud solutions, was expanding to a new Data Center and needed a way to secure their servers. They turned to Jeremy with Industrial Shelving Systems to help provide a solution. Jeremy was also tasked with extending the existing walls an additional 2 feet to fit the ceiling and installing under floor panels.


Jeremy went on-site and took meticulous measurements, laid out the cages in AutoCad and presented them to the customer. Jeremy knew without a doubt that WireCrafters server cages were the answer. TierPoint had previously used a different Wire Mesh manufacturer for their servers, however due to high cost and lead times, decided to make the switch to WireCrafters.

A locking wire mesh door, floor and ceiling panels – all supplied by WireCrafters - provided the security TierPoint needs. WireCrafters makes the job easy – their commitment to quality, quick lead times and easy installation process help us at Industrial Shelving Systems meet our customers’ needs. Jeremy and Industrial Shelving Systems provided a turnkey solution and walked with the customer through every step of the project.

If you or your company has a similar challenge, give Industrial Shelving Systems a call today! 

WireCrafters Server Cages

Server Cage with Ceiling

Wire Partitioning in Server Cage